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"Why sell my property on Auction?" 


No commission expense to the seller (commission is paid by the purchaser as per the auction rules).

It is quick – sell your property within 4 weeks.

Ensures maximum value – competitive bidding ensures highest selling price.

Auctions are transparent – all terms and conditions are open to public scrutiny.

• It is the real deal – deals are achieved on a given day.

• Takes place on a fixed date.

Auctions attract market interest – willing buyers are aware of an asset brought to market.

Sales are “as is” (voetstoots).

• Marketing actions are focused on your property only.

• On acceptance, the purchaser pays a 10 % non-refundable deposit on the fall of the hammer price, which ensures a definitive sale

• After the fall of the hammer, Apollo Assets can still obtain one higher bid to ensure the maximum price for your property