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Where marketing through estate agencies can last for many months or even years, the auction process takes every aspect of effective real estate marketing and dramatically compresses the sales cycle to minimise carrying costs.

Through innovative ideas, the Apollo name was asserted as being the leader in quality auctions, always ensuring market related prices. 


Our comprehensive marketing strategy generates maximum market awareness and is the industry benchmark, which results in an enviable closing ratio - much higher than the industry norm! 



- Free evaluation and marketing proposal

- Execution of proposed marketing plan, which will include ad placements, pole-ad posters, etc.

- Our auctioneers are highly qualified in bid calling to ensure maximum prices on the day of the auction

- After the auction, our team ensures that legal obligations between buyer and seller are met

- After the fall of the hammer, our team will offer sellers a personalised aftersales service


"Why sell my property on Auction?" 

• No commission expense to the seller (commission is paid by the purchaser as per the auction rules).

• It is quick – sell your property within 4 weeks.

• Ensures maximum value – competitive bidding ensures highest selling price.

• Auctions are transparent – all terms and conditions are open to public scrutiny.

• It is the real deal – deals are achieved on a given day.

• Takes place on a fixed date.

• Auctions attract market interest – willing buyers are aware of an asset brought to market.

• Sales are “as is” (voetstoots).

• Marketing actions are focused on your property only.

• On acceptance, the purchaser pays a 10 % non-refundable deposit on the fall of the hammer price, which ensures a 

definitive sale. 

• After the fall of the hammer, Apollo Assets can still obtain one higher bid to ensure the maximum price for your property


Marketing the Property

Since most auctioneering companies place their emphasis on the forced sale market, they sometimes overcharge the property owners on their marketing fees and therefore profiteer on these costs.

Apollo Assets has devised an affordable and practical marketing package that really works. 

Most sellers cannot afford to pay the premiums that they are quoted and then are forced to use alternatives. 

Since approximately 95% of our responses come from advertisements on outdoor advertising boards and only 5% from press advertisements, we have increased the number of outdoor signboards from the industry norm of 20, to 40 boards according to the terms and conditions for outdoor advertising. 

Apollo Assets believes that targeted advertising brings key buyers together.

The key to our success is to have infrastructure available to follow up all leads before and after the confirmation period.

Our agents must ensure that all our prospective buyers have seen the property to ensure that he/she makes a well-informed decision. By applying this, we ensure maximum prices.


The Auctioneering Process

Each auction will be evaluated on its own merits and requirements to determine the best marketing actions to reach the target market of the specific auction. The actions listed below are some of the options available to the client:

• After receiving our mandate, we will do an evaluation and assessment of the property and will set an auction date.

• A marketing plan is executed immediately after setting the date of the auction by means of a pre-auction campaign for a period of 3 weeks, which will maximise the property exposure.

• During this marketing period, our Apollo Assets Real Estate agents will simultaneously market the property.

• 40 x outdoor advertising boards (800 x 600 cm) are erected strategically at busy intersections. Research has shown that more than 95% of response originates from outdoor advertising boards and we have therefore doubled the number of boards in the industry norm.

• We have a large, updated and categorised SMS & email database of regular clientele to whom notifications are sent, notifying them of the specific pending open days and auctions.

• Auction days are well branded and professionally organised and managed to achieve maximum results for our clients.